Did you apply for a HURREVAC user account last Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (August 20-22) and not receive an email response? We discovered a problem with new account applications not being saved during that time and unfortunately have no way of knowing who specifically is still waiting. Please send an email to support@hurrevac.com if you […]

Past Wind Swath for Hurricane Douglas

Hurricane Douglas has just finished its track across the Pacific Ocean, skirting closer to the Hawaiian Islands than any other tropical system in many years. Just how close was Hawaii’s brush with Douglas? This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a brand new tool in HURREVAC to answer this question–the Past Wind Swath. Each main […]

HURREVAC Webinars on YouTube

The National Hurricane Program’s annual HURREVAC webinar series concluded today. Thank you to the over 1,200 emergency managers who participated in the live sessions. Did you miss the live sessions? No worries… recordings and slides are available for you to take in at your convenience.